Kyoko Maruta



There is a saying that the sensibility to beauty is necessary as one of the factor to appear a genius



Today theoretical physicists are stepping in a difficult field for comparing the theory with the

experiment. Some peoplecriticize that they can’t experiment to demonstrate the theory and

recently it is said that it might be changed to mathematics and aesthetics instead of the experiment.

As the reason for acceptance the truth is characterized by internal harmony – simplicity and beauty.

In fact the theories that have been demonstrated are by tremendous accumulation of numerical

formulas and it is said that there is excellent magnificent and splendid beauty.


Oppositely if the beauty possessed by the works touch to the whole body with silence I don’t think

that it’s funny the scientific truth might exist. So the works themselves could demonstrate with my

truth. In other words I think that pictorial recognition of the essence of the world exist as same as

scientific recognition of the essence of the world exist. And if it is the truth in myself the work itself

have life.


Always by the interaction with the works I want to be stimulated by the works and to be able to see

and to learn by.


Awareness always comes after I have completed my works. After the words “ Yin and Yang”

“spirals (circulation)” the words “ penetration” came into my mind after repeated trail and error

to gain the transparent feeling.

I think it will be groped for the state of the world that penetrate each other and I have a feeling

that penetration will be one of the keywords in the 21st century.


After many twists and turns by going on creating works the door of recognition open little by little.