1978     graduated Meiji College of Pharmacy

1982     The Art Students League of New York (1984)

1993     The Stella Charles Guttman Scholarship

1994     selected for the permanent collection of The Art Student League

              of New York

1997     handled the stage art of Takahashi Chikuzan the Second(2000)


2000     published the book of paintings Undulating Picture  Kyoko Maruta

2005     artist in residence in Berlin

2007     ran pictures in the newspaper of Shinano Mainichi news paper    

            the climate and philosophy

2009     awarded a prize of Komagane Kougen Art Museum


Selected Solo Exhibition


2012    「I say YES in the middle of the earth」Yumenoniwa Gallery/Ueda Japan

2008     Striped House Gallery / Tokyo Japan

              Crystal Gallery / Yamanouchi Nagano Japan

              Nagano Tokyu / Nagano Japan

2005     Super ContradictionStriped House Gallery / Tokyo Japan

2004     Gallery Isshiki / Karuizawa Japan

              Westbeth Gallery / Nagoya Japan

2003     Crystal Gallery / Yamanouchi Nagano Japan

2002     Gallery Hasegawa /Nagano Japan              

              Westbeth Gallery / Nagoya Japan

2000     Gallery 1( Shinjuku parktower 1F) /Tokyo Japan


1999     SOKO Tokyo Gallery / Tokyo Japan



1998     Meruparuku NAGANO / Nagano Japan

1997     Gallery St.Cousair / Nagano Japan

              Takashimaya Contemporary Art Space / Tokyo Japan

1995   Maruta Kyoko’s World 」Komagane Kougen Art Museum / Japan

1994     Memory’s Gallery / Nagoya Japan

1993     Gallery αm / Tokyo Japan



1992      Galleria Chimera / Tokyo Japan


                Yu Art Station / Nagano Japan               

                Gallery Furukawa /Tokyo Japan

1991       Gallery Furukawa / Tokyo Japan

1990     Gallery Q+1 / Tokyo Japan

1989     Gallery +1 / Tokyo Japan

1988     Muramatu Gallery /Tokyo Japan

1985     James Turcotte Gallery / Los Angeles


Selected Group Exhibition


2012   「the mono show」M50, Bund 1919/Shanghai  China

            「Art Exhibition2012」Westbeth Gallery / Nagoya Japan

2011   「Towards the light beyond」Gallria Omotesanndo  / Nagano  Japan

2010     Shanghai Art Fair/ Shanghai

2009  The Presents for FutureGallery Art Robe / Tokyo Japan

            Art Potluck’ 09Motoazabu Gallery Sakudaira / Japan

            「Artists of Shinshu, The Expression of CreationKomagane Kougen Art Museum / Japan

            「Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition,Various LinesYard Gallery / Shanghai

            「N-Art ExhibitionGalleria Omotesanndo /Nagano Japan

            「The Hot Wind from ShinanoSekiguchi Museum / Tokyo Japan


2008     N –Art ExhibitionGalleria Omotesanndo / Nagano, Japan

2006       Tachikawa international art festival Face」/ Tokyo

              「Six points of viewObuse Museum / Obuse Japan

2005     Kunst Winter 05Karl Hofer Gesellshaft Studio / Berlin 

              「Materials and ConseptKoumi-machi Kougen Museum of Art / Nagano ,Japan


2004     2004 January ExhibitionWestbeth Gallery (2005,2007,2011) / Nagoya ,Japan

2003     Circulation ShapeGallery 82 / Nagano Japan

              「Art Watching part2The Miyagi Museum of Art / Sendai Japan

              「2003 January ExhibitionWestbeth Gallery / Nagoya Japan

2002     Japan and Chinese Women’s PaintingsModern Chinese Museum / Obuse Japan

              「Gallery’s Artists 2002Westbeth Gallery /Nagoya Japan

              「The reason why they create」/ Nagano Prefectual Shinano Art Museum / Nagano Japan

2000    Contemporary Japanese ArtTokyo Metropolitan Museum, Kyoto Municipal Museum

                 / Tokyo Kyoto Japan

1999     The View of Contemporary Japanese PaintingTokyo Station Gallery / Tokyo Japan

1995     Life Origin ExhibitionNagano Tokyu /Nagano Japan


              「Two person showChitose Gallery / Nagano Japan

              「VOCA ‘95The Ueno Royal Museum / Tokyo Japan

              「About LinesItabashi Art Museum /Tokyo Japan

1994     MovementGallery 82 / Nagano Japan

1993     NIPAF ’93Cultural Hall of Nagano Prefecture /Japan

1992     Power of the Art 1992Gallery Q+1 / Tokyo Japan

              「Three person’s showGalleria Chimera / Tokyo Japan

1991    Two person’s showLA Art Core / Los Angeles

              「Women’s Art WorkGallery Sho / San Francisco

              「’91 Furukawa FinalGallery Furukawa / Tokyo Japan

1989     Acrylart ExhibitionO Museum / Tokyo Japan

              「Envision ‘89Heineken Village Gallery /Tokyo Japan

                SEIBU Fine Art Store / Tokyo Japan

1988     The Experts of ArtGallery Q /Tokyo Japan

                Rico Gallery / Los Angeles      

1985       Bologna Landi Gallery / East Hampton New York (1986)